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Basin Intel Announces the Release of its Distressed Asset Product in PetroDE’s Cloud Solution

New product is focused on visualizing activity information for oil and gas assets in real-time.


DENVER, Colo.  Sep. 26, 2016 — Basin Intel today announced the release of its data visualization product which combines Basin Intel’s real-time data identifying distressed asset opportunities and lease activity in PetroDE’s petroleum decision engine. The powerful cloud-based platform will allow customers to search, visualize, geospatially analyze and share data from Basin Intel on maps and in charts in seconds. The end result will provide agile and relevant insight to the constantly changing oil and gas environment.

Lexy Mastroianni, Founding Partner, Basin Intel commented, “As we enter a new era of technology, companies must collaborate to solve tough problems for their clients. This is why we are working with PetroDE, using the petroleum decision engine with the world’s fastest oil and gas land intelligence to help our customers stay on top of changes in the oil patch. This new product offer represents our belief that the future of oil and gas requires a new operating model, as both increased response rate and real-time analytics for data-informed decisions becomes an essential part of doing business.”

“We are very pleased to add Basin Intel as a data vendor on our platform. By combining Basin Intel’s expertise in real-time data collection to improve business performance, with PetroDE’s vision of the fast and collaborative approach to analysis for increased efficiency, we can offer exciting new opportunities for our customers,” said Alan Lindsey, CEO of PetroDE.

Basin Intel is working to establish a new way of visualizing activity information, with an emphasis on speed and collaboration, in the oil and gas industry.



About Basin Intel:

Basin Intel is the only oil and gas intelligence company that identifies distressed asset opportunities and offers a quicker, more efficient source for land data. Our company is focused on developing innovative solutions and providing real-time insights for the oil and gas industry. In today’s world, real-time access to accurate data is crucial for staying competitive, decreasing risk, and maximizing a return on investment. Basin Intel delivers solutions to reduce inefficiencies, cut costs, and help customers achieve a competitive position. We provide concise and insightful information to help you locate distressed investment opportunities, make smarter decisions, and analyze current courthouse activity.

Basin Intel Contact:

Lexy Mastroianni
Founding Partner
Basin Intel
910 16th Street, Suite 215
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 378-8153


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Download the Press Release and Basin Intel Spatial Data Workflow Examples Below

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