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Droppin’ Dimes

With the boom in social media over the last few years not only have we become more informed but also more nosey. It is easier and easier to find out where your ex lives, who they’re dating, or what they had for dinner a week ago. Although we know how to virtually inform on your relations, we have some updated intel for you on your frenemies in the courthouse.

Since our first lease activity post on April 14, 2016 crude prices have gone up enough to buy a Venti Café Vanilla Frappuccino with extra whip for both you and a friend off the secret menu at Starbucks. Even the slightest movement in your Bloomberg ticker can cause noticeable action in our leasing activity trackers.

Take a look at the mid-April top five compared to the mid-May top five.










Some of the majors have been hinting at making moves before prices hit $50 per barrel in advance of a potential rush. Everyone’s economics are different but the movement in this top 5 is only a snapshot of the greater movement in the top 20 that Basin Intel tracks on a weekly basis. Some names to keep in the margins of your legal pad include Pedregosa Partners and Fuller Bedrock Consulting. They each had triple digit rank changes in our top twenty so someone is swiping right and making plans.

Where are these Lessees placing their bets? That list has had major shifts this month too.










Weld County, Colorado is an unsurprising regular on this list. We thought we had an NBA Finals prediction our hands with the rest of the top five but just like public data situations, it can change over night. Looks like we’ll be dropping dimes on the Cavs now.

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Other things to know:  If you still want a Star Wars Chewbacca mask you’ll have to bargain with sellers on Amazon. The laugh that broke the internet this month has opportunist counting their Benjamins. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Watch this and you’re welcome: https://youtu.be/X26FuAlnnWY




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