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New Product Release – Basin Intel Spatial Data

PRESS RELEASE Basin Intel Announces the Release of its Distressed Asset Product in PetroDE’s Cloud Solution New product is focused on visualizing activity information for oil and gas assets in real-time.   DENVER, Colo.  Sep. 26, 2016 — Basin Intel today announced the release of its data visualization product which combines Basin Intel’s real-time data identifying distressed asset opportunities and lease activity in PetroDE’s petroleum decision engine. The powerful cloud-based platform will allow customers to search, visualize, geospatially analyze and share data from Basin Intel on maps and in charts in seconds. The end result will provide agile and relevant insight to the constantly changing oil and gas environment. Lexy Mastroianni, Founding Partner, Basin Intel commented, “As...
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It’s not the size of your DATA that matters; it’s how you use it

  When you hear the term “BIG DATA” what do you think of? Many people in the oil and gas industry think of seismic data. Some people think of this… BIG DATA is not just seismic data to aid the educated guesses of energy exploration nor is it just a fictional AI android sentient being that could deliver hilarious lines with stone cold accuracy. BIG DATA is everywhere. It is your mobile phone, your bluetooth devices, social media, public transportation, traffic lights, and baby monitors just to name a few. It is literally everywhere. Data is the binary code of ones and zeros that make up all the information streaming, tracking, sharing, uploading, messaging, imaging, and transacting between all the people logged-on in the entire world. The matrix is real y’all and it’s so much more...
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Droppin’ Dimes

With the boom in social media over the last few years not only have we become more informed but also more nosey. It is easier and easier to find out where your ex lives, who they’re dating, or what they had for dinner a week ago. Although we know how to virtually inform on your relations, we have some updated intel for you on your frenemies in the courthouse. Since our first lease activity post on April 14, 2016 crude prices have gone up enough to buy a Venti Café Vanilla Frappuccino with extra whip for both you and a friend off the secret menu at Starbucks. Even the slightest movement in your Bloomberg ticker can cause noticeable action in our leasing activity trackers. Take a look at the mid-April top five compared to the mid-May top five.            ...
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Remember when you thought freshman year microeconomics 101 was NEVER going to be relevant in real life? If you are one of the risk junkies who work in the oil and gas industry you should write an apology letter to your professor for sleeping in class. Crude prices have been on a long ride on Space Mountain primarily due to too much supply in the worldwide market. With the boom of technological efficiencies in the production of oil and gas in the last decade, (we <3 Fracking!), a downturn in prices like we’ve seen in the last 12 months is harder to accept than the passing of Prince. This supply and demand situation is causing many companies to face the dollars and cents. The “B” word (no, not that one) has become a reality for companies of all sizes since the price of crude crested...
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